General Conditions & Rules of Procedure

In order to guarantee you a rental, Camping La Peyrugue accepts reservations. These are subject to certain conditions:

Booking and payment

– Each booking form will be accompanied by a cheque or bank transfer as a deposit (see rates).

– The reservation is final after receipt of our confirmation. The balance of the stay will be paid 4 weeks before the arrival date.

– The rental is strictly personal. The tenant may under no circumstances sublease or assign his rights to this agreement without the consent of Camping la Peyrugue.

– Rentals are rented for a specific number of people and with a vehicle: any modification must be notified at reception and obtain the agreement of the campsite management.

Cancellation conditions

Any cancellation must be notified by post or e-mail in order to be taken into account.

We advise you to take out cancellation insurance. There will be no refund if no cancellation insurance has been taken out.

The cancellation insurance is optional and covers the reimbursement of the amounts paid and collected by the campsite according to the conditions of the booking contract, with the exception of booking fees and the cancellation guarantee. The clauses of the contract will be sent with the reservation. In the event of cancellation and if the insurance has not been taken out, the deposit and booking fees will be retained by the campsite.

-There will also be no refund if you arrive later than booked or if you leave earlier. If you have not informed the campsite of a later arrival date than booked, your reservation can be cancelled the day after the planned day of arrival at 3 pm.

Cleaning costs – A security deposit

Two guarantees will be requested from you on arrival: a “housing damage” guarantee of 250 euros, committing the tenant to reimburse all the damage for which he/she is responsible and a “cleaning” guarantee of 50 euros committing the tenant to make his/her accommodation clean, which includes: wc, shower, sink, sink, refrigerator defrosted the day before, hob, microwave, coffee maker, crockery, cupboards, dustbins, garden furniture, blankets, duvets and mattresses, Deposits are returned at the time of departure, or, if the inventory or inventory of fixtures could not be made, returned by mail to your home, under deduction of the amount of damage and/or missing items, or household absent or insufficient. On request, the cleaning of the accommodation can be done by the team of camping La Peyrugue, for the sum of 50 €. However, the dishes must be done, the bins emptied, the refrigerator defrosted the day before, the duvets, blankets and mattresses not soiled. Before your arrival, your rental has been checked by the team at Camping La Peyrugue. An inventory is available for each rental. The tenant must check this on arrival and, if necessary, report any anomalies noted to the Management of Camping La Peyrugue on the same day.

Arrival – Departure

Rental accommodation is available from 15.00 hrs on the day of arrival until 10.00 hrs on the day of departure.

The pitches are available from 14.00 noon on the day of arrival until 12.00 noon on the day of departure.

The day before your departure, you must let us know the time at which you wish to carry out the inventory of fixtures.


Noise and silence

– In all cases, the lessor must respect the campsite’s internal rules and regulations

– Tenants are urged to avoid any noise and discussions that could disturb their neighbours.

– The sound devices must be adjusted accordingly. Door closures and trunk doors should be as discreet as possible.

– Silence must be total between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.


Visitors to the site

– Visitors must be announced (by you) at the reception desk with payment of the fee and comply with the campsite’s internal regulations.


Internal Regulations

In order to facilitate the progress of your holidays, the internal rules are posted at the campsite. We thank you for reading it and respecting it.



Camping LA PEYRUGUE cannot be held liable in the event of theft, loss or damage of any kind whatsoever, during or after a stay. A civil liability insurance is mandatory. You are reminded that swimming in the campsite’s swimming pool remains the sole responsibility of parents or guardians.



– Comply with the campsite’s internal regulations.


Swimming pool

– Comply with the campsite’s internal regulations. In our swimming pools, swimming trunks are mandatory for men.


-The campsite reserves the right to expel any person who contravenes the internal regulations.


In accordance with Article L. 612-1 of the Consumer Code, within a period of of his written complaint, the consumer, subject to Article L.152-2 of the subject to Article L.152-2 of the Consumer Code, has the right to to introduce a request for amicable resolution by way of mediation, with  SAS Médiation Solution – 222 chemin de la bergerie 01800 Saint Jean de Niost 
email :

Electric cars

It is forbidden to charge your electric vehicle by plugging in at the rental sites or at the terminals on the pitches.