Wildlife & Flora of the campsite

Stay as close as possible to nature…

Mother Nature has been generous on our side, such a diversity of colour, species, variety of flowers, plants, trees and wildlife makes us dizzy. The Périgord proud of its land and its cultures…

Périgord land of walnuts

The Périgord’s walnuts have the protected designation of origin (PDO), they are harvested from October and we can observe 4 varieties: Franquette, Corne, Marbot and Grandjean.

noix franquetteThe Franquette:
Walnuts with an elongated shell, good taste quality.


noix marbotThe Marbot:
Semi-early variety, round of fairly large size.


In front of the campsite, you can see our walnut trees, which thanks to them, allow us to bake you delicious walnut cakes.

Périgord truffle ground

The truffle is a fungus that grows underground, near the roots of some trees, especially oaks. The truffle likes a calcareous and dry soil. Where it grows, the vegetation disappears. Trained pigs or dogs detect truffles when they reach maturity.

Périgord a land of tobacco

You can see fields of Nicotiana plants used to produce tobacco. It is a plant measuring 1m60, with oval leaves, with beautiful pink flowers.
The Périgord is the most important tobacco grower in France.

Périgord, a land of welcome to these birds

Presence of beautiful birds such as the kingfisher or the Fasciée hoopoe.

martin-pecheur huppe


During the years, we have gotten a nice collection of wild orchids on the campsite. The first appears in the beginning op april, but disappears the very next month. The last one can be seen until mid-august!