Fishing or swimming in the Dordogne?

A meeting with a landscape that is 100% natural and of unprecedented beauty, a crystal clear river, and the purest air: the Dordogne is the ideal place for this. A place where you can relax along the banks of the river.

Swimming in the Dordogne

Rivers, waterfalls, lakes and ponds, there is something for everyone. There are beaches everywhere, some designed as such, others shaped by nature. You can make use of it at will.

The must-see in Périgord: The Dordogne

We are fortunate to have the only river in France, the entire course of which has been declared a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO. You will be able to bathe in pure and healthy water.

What does it mean to preserve the natural value of the Dordogne?

In a sense, the Dordogne is a huge laboratory, a place to learn about sustainable development, a place for innovative steps that combine the preservation of biodiversity, cultural values and economic and social development. The most important thing is to respect nature and to build a promising future together.

A piece of history

The Dordogne river has been a source of food in abundance since time immemorial, originally for fishing, later for the construction of mills and later for the transport of merchandise by flatboats the so-called “gabares”.

In our valley: The Céou

Near the campsite, “Le Céou“, a tributary of the Dordogne, flows. Shallow, it will delight the little ones and refresh the whole family after a good walk! Its clear and limpid water is always much appreciated during summer heat. If you look closely, you will see fish.

In winter and spring canoe and kayak competitions are organised there.

The lakes and ponds in the Dordogne

Not far from the campsite, you’ll find lakes and ponds for a pleasant outing for the whole family and very suitable to take a refreshing bath on hot days.

Fishing in the Dordogne in the Sarlat region

The Périgord Noir, as this part of the Dordogne is called, will delight anglers.

The Dordogne is an ideal place for fishing.

For this purpose alone, the Dordogne attracts many people this way. And all this for the variety of fish species as well as for the idyllic and soothing environment. The Dordogne is home to beautiful populations of pike and zander, perch and several whitefish species such as carp, bream, reed and roach. So-called migratory fish species such as eel and allis shad are also present.
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Enjoy your stay in the Dordogne all the more because you can combine your hobby and the beautiful nature here, because nothing beats a fishing day on the Dordogne in the Sarlat region.


Fishing in the Céou near campsite La Peruygue in Daglan

The Céou is an interesting river because of its diversity of fish and its winding course through the landscape. There is also a lot of fly fishing here, mainly on trout, but also on lesser known fish species such as elrits and gobies. This small tributary of the Dordogne not only attracts local fishermen but also many lovers of further afield and of course tourists.

The beautiful banks of the Céou have in many places a rich vegetation, alders, willows and poplars …

Have you already made your choice between fishing or swimming in the Dordogne or are you going for both?