What happens in winter on our campsite in the Dordogne?

Did you enjoy your holidays in the sun, in our family campsite in the Dordogne? 

A warm and dynamic summer season

We can hardly believe that our first season has already passed, 2018 has passed at an incredible speed, no one on the campsite, no noise in the pool, the total desert…

Objective: Improving the quality of your holiday 

Once the tourist season is over, it is an opportunity for us to prepare our new projects, to analyze your opinions and advice to improve our services for next season, to prepare our advertisements, to start our work, and to enjoy with the family the many visits that surround us, and obviously the walks with our faithful Junior companion, whom we have neglected a lot during the season.

We have 6 months to complete our program, it seems long and yet time is running at high speed, so let’s not delay.

noix marbot

First of all in October, we harvested the nuts on our property in front of the campsite. We hired the whole family to harvest the 

crop. We were also helped by our neighbour. You can find the Peyrugue nuts at the campsite grocery store or in the restaurant in the famous walnut cake. 


Realization of our 2019 projects on the campsite:

  • Creation of our new website, www.peyrugue.com
  • Change of our booking software,
  • New price list, with lower prices on all chalets and tents and attractive prices in low season.
  • New snack menus, wines and new dishes of the day.
  • Installation of a water point in each tentes lodge tent, and interior fittings for greater comfort.
  • Renovation of chalet n°10, a good coat of paint on the inside, new chandelier, to give it a little youthfulness.
  • Installation of a glass shower door in the gîte et quelques aménagements intérieurs,
  • Installation of 2 new  Ottawa chalets, 3 bedrooms for 6 people, terrace and garden.
  • Installation of 2 new  Nouméa chalets, 2 bedrooms for 5 people, corner terrace and small garden,
  • Extension of WIFI coverage.
  • Landscaping of the football field and stairs leading to the playground,
  • Purchase of a refrigerated display case for the grocery store.

The maintenance of our site: :

Ramassage de feuille

We are lucky to have a large plot of land of more than 5 hectares, we want to develop it while having a coherent structure that is easy to maintain (we are thinking of this summer, especially if it is very hot like last summer). It is a difficult but essential task so that you can feel at home here.

We planted new shrubs, 200 bulbs and various coloured flowers. The pruning of trees and shrubs was essential. They had become too big and invasive. They prevented plantations from developing (discovery of several fig trees between the brambles). We cleared some trees above cottages 3 and 4. And of course, collecting the leaves was a long process. And finally, some rose bushes, Buddléia (famous butterfly tree), which should find their place on the campsite

Our environment is essential on the campsite :

In favour of the environment and sustainable development. On our small scale of small camping. In the heart of our Black Périgord, we want to continue and improve energy management, by implementing a few more ecological measures:

  • Progressive installation of energy-saving light bulbs in common buildings and rental units.
  • Installation of presence detectors for lighting certain toilets,
  • Installation of timed taps for sanitary facilities.
  • Installation of a container for sorting used batteries in the bin room.
  • Installation of a bag terminal for dog excreta in the garbage room.

We have many projects, ideas, which are bursting to improve the campsite but we remain at your disposal and hope that you will come and enjoy our new facilities. So don’t delay any longer to book.

See you very soon.

Deborah and Gilles



2 February 2019

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