Activities in the Dordogne

Outdoor family activity

On a beautiful autumn day, we took the opportunity to organise an outdoor activity for the family.

There is no shortage of ideas for outings and activities in the Dordogne.

But what activity will motivate our teenagers?

Go-karting in the Dordogne

We have not yet had the opportunity to try karting together.

But it was with great joy and good humour that we tested a go-karting circuit in the Dordogne.

Unquestionably, the big winner and the one who had the most fun was Gilles. He rediscovered his childlike soul, transported in the skin of the teenager he was at 16 years old on his motorbike!

A pleasant distraction which allowed us to have a good laugh and to surpass ourselves! … well not for everyone ! (Déborah kept her foot constantly on the brake pedal and was overtaken more than once, but we don’t make fun of her !!!)

Finding activities in the Dordogne

You can find plenty of other activities in the Dordogne that are just as fun and entertaining.

The tourist office of Daglan or the guide of the Perigord will help you to find the activity of your choice.

Our next outing will certainly be to the zoo in Calviac, we will tell you more in a future article.

See you soon

Gilles and Déborah 


8 December 2021

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