Our Region


The Dordogne is known for its rich history, the many castles, caves and medieval towns. During the 60’s, all the sights were restored to their former glory, making the Dordogne one of the biggest attractions that France has to offer. Once you’ve been to the Perigord Noir, you will most certainly come back, since one visit just isn’t enough to see all that the dordogne has to offer!

Eating and drinking.

The French cuisine is known all around the world, and Frenchmen love to eat! Each little village will have at least one restaurant, and eating almost always means a nice glass of wine! If you look futher you will find a list of all the nice restaurants that are close to the campsite. And restaurants aren’t the only places where you can eat! More and more towns organize their own Marché Nocture or Marché Gourmand. Kind of an eat market. You buy the food you like from a local farmer and prepare it on big barbeques, of course with a nice glass of wine in your hand, preferably a Vin de Domme!



Almost every day a market takes place somewhere around the campsite, some a litte bigger than others, some with only local products…

Sunday: Daglan (morning), Carsac, St Cyprien

Monday: Beynac, Les Eyzies

Tuesday: Cenac, Le Bugue,

Wednesday: Sarlat (morning), Bergerac, St Cyprien

Thursday: Domme, 

Friday: La Rocque Gageac

Saturday: Sarlat, Belvès, Le Bugue